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Secret command matter



1)   H.Gru  B
2)   H.Gru  G
3)  Gen.Kdo. roem. 30.A.K.
4)  MOK West
5) Lw.Kdo. West

mit A.-Ue.

In staff:
la (Entw)



Reference: sgd. Keitel Field Marshal General
OKW / WFST / Op. (H) West röm. 1a No. 0012759 / 44g. K.
dated 25.10.44.

The Fuehrer has ordered the formation of a special force for reconnaissance and special operations in the western area in the strength of about 2 battalions. The troop is to be composed of volunteers from all parts of the Wehrmacht and the Waffen-SS, who must meet the following requirements:

a) Physically fully fit for war, suitable for special duty, mentally alert, strong personality value.
b) Fully trained individual fighter.
c) English language skills, including American dialect, especially important knowledge of military terminology.

Orders are to be announced immediately to all troops and services. Volunteers may not be held back for service reasons, but are to be sent immediately to Friedenthal near Oranienburg (Skorzeny Service Station) to have their suitability checked.

Volunteers who do not meet the requirements of the examination are to be sent back to their service and troop units. The volunteers must arrive in Friedenthal by 10 November.
Reichsführer SS is requested to inform OKW/WFST by 12.11 of total number of volunteers checked and of volunteers recruited after check, separated according to Wehrmacht units. H. Gru. B, G, MOK West, Lw. Kdo. West and Gen. Kdo. röm. 30 immediately announce contents to subordinate troops and services (closed fortresses and Channel Islands as well as volunteer units excluded) in an appropriate manner.
It is important to recruit genuinely suitable men of all ranks who, if not selected after their suitability has been checked, will not suffer any harm but whose willingness to serve and attitude will be valued. Notification of all involved Kdo. authorities about volunteers According to conditions a) to c) until 3.11. under indication of rank and troop unit (service) to Ob.West.

The Chief of the General Staff Ob.West
sgd. Westphal
roem. la no. 9603/44 geh. Kdos.