Eindhovens Dagblad, Wednesday 11 March 2009

Shortly before the Day of Death, the website of Richard Schoutissen must be ready: A website where all war victims of Deurne are reported.

The list will include not only the names of inhabitants of Deurne who died in their own village, but also those of the Allies, German soldiers and inhabitants of Deurne who have fallen elsewhere.

Schoutissen had the idea for the site because he had the strong suspicion that there were many more victims of war than those who stood on monuments and memorials of the community. “For example, in the center of Deurne are a few names on a puny stone in the church.”

So far, he has found 580 war victims. “That’s probably going to be even more. In German archives I still search for German soldiers who fell in Deurne but who were buried behind the lines during the war or transferred to Germany “, Schoutissen explains.

Out of 580 victims, 200 have German nationality and 236 were Allied. Also on the site are the names of 48 Deurne residents who died elsewhere from the war.