De Stentor – Zutphens newspaper, Saturday 28 April 2012

VORDEN – In the collective grave in the main cemetery in Vorden, where ten German soldiers were resting at the end of the Second World War, may have been resting already 67 years nor an unknown eleventh soldier.

On the tombstone of the “comrades grave” are ten names of mostly young Germans. In the old official grave book of Vorden, the gravedigger reports eleven buried soldiers. Also in a correspondence between the municipality Vorden and the grave service of the army an eleventh unknown German is mentioned. As in a burial scheme from the forties where a number of eleven soldiers is called.

Uncertainty, in particular, about the crew of a Junkers Ju-88 night fighter that crashed the height of Mosselseweg in Vorden on 26 March 1945. This plane was shot down by an English aircraft. All crew members of this German plane were killed. The only question is how many people were on board. There are indications that not four, but five soldiers were killed.

This fifth soldier was found dead at Wildenborch Castle and buried on the spot by the gardener. Presumably he had jumped or fallen before the plane crashed. The German, who was estimated by the gardener about 25 years old, was reburied a few weeks later by his comrades.

Little is known about the German soldiers who fell in Vorden. The tomb was bought in 1958 by the family of one of the victims. One of the youngest soldiers to be buried in Vorden is 22-year-old Franz Rauchenberger (photo: Richard Schoutissen – He was killed with two others during a bombing of a train in Kranenburg.

Friday 4 May, the tomb will be involved for the first time in the national memorial day.

Interim relief against the national memorial day in Vorden at 10 o’clock

VORDEN/ZUTPHEN – The group Federatief Joods Nederland (FJN) had filed a lawsuit against the community of Bronckhorst for the controversial death commemoration of the district court of Zutphen, which entered into prejudice on Friday. FJN chairman Herman Loonstein has no policy for those responsible for the dead that these soldiers, who are being ruined by the cemetery, have received a commemoration.

He says he got hundreds of dismissive reactions The trial is at ten o’clock Friday morning. Loonstein says he spoke with the mayor Henk Aalderink of Bronckhorst, but he has not changed his mind. “This man is really lost and lacking in historical awareness.”

The Simon Wiesenthal Center also sharply criticized the commemoration yesterday. By standing still among the German soldiers “who occupied the Netherlands in the name of the most murderous regime in history, the authorities rewrite history and erase the essential dividing line between victims and occupiers” according to the Wiesenthal Center.

The Jewish organization Tradition is Our Future (TOF) says it’s self-protest. Before or after the memorial service in the cemetery in Vorden, TOF will carry out an action from the air. According to spokesman Dennis Pekel, a plane with a banner will fly over Vorden or be thrown out of a balloon flyer. “How exactly, how and when we will do it, I will not say because we cut our fingers. But the fact that we hold an action from the air is one hundred percent firm. Of course we will not disturb the funeral. “

Mayor Henk Aalderink regrets the state of affairs. He hopes for a worthy commemoration. “It is unfortunate that it offers so little room for nuances.”

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