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Julius Dettmann

Julius Dettmann -update-

Search for 'faulty' uncle

Felled By A 'Pom-Pom'

Julius Dettmann

Julius Dettmann



The Death of Karl Baumgartner

Adrianus Wouterus Van Den Bogaart

Wilhelmus Antonius Maria Van Heugten

Collaboration And Land Treason

Journalism Award For 'The Peel Under Fire'

The Price Of The Second World War

Search For The Crash Site Of Captain James D. Stevens

The Gentelman’s Camp Near Deurne

Foundation Furious

The Peel Under Fire

Enemy Fire And Poor Visibility

The Peel 1944-1945

AFVN Objective Ridiculous

Download Cycling Routes Deurne Commemorates

Cycling Routes Deurne Commemorates

The Country House, Entangled In National Socialism

Baptized And Formed During The Liberation Of Liessel

Anton Mussert Opens Cadre School Deurne

Raid At The Cadre School In Deurne

German Crosses Are Increasingly Getting A Face In Ysselsteyn

Stories Behind Names

German Management Of Dutch Heritage

Dutch Soldier Being Seen As An 'Unbekannter Deutscher Soldat'

Sodom Und Gomorra

Memories Of Mine-Clearing In East Brabant

Action Specsavers Supports

Observers German Beobachtungsbuch Traced

Richard Schoutissen From Deurne Does Unusual War Research

The Legend, The Baby And The Father

Admonition For Peace

Anne Frank’s Dentist

Documentary Retrieves War Stories From Liberated Brabant

Opening Third Tower Room Sint Petrus Banden Church In Venray

Explosive Tuesday

The Liberation Of Eijsden-Margraten In September 1944

Investigation Into War Victims

War Photo Colored By Chance

To Never Forget - Documentary about 70 Years of Liberation

Fate Of Soldier From World War Ii Cleared After Nearly 70 Years

The Battle Of Overloon And The Liberation Of Venray

Barrack 1B - More Than A Monument

A Token Of Appreciation

Achtung Minen - Danger Mines

Dutchman Is Looking For Relatives

Remembrance And Reconciliation

Murder Of A Person In Hiding

'7th On The Move' Through Deurne

Italian SS Volunteers On The Field Of Honor

How Big Can Something Small Be

Possibly Buried Already 67 Years Unknown Soldier

Search For Unteroffizier Michael Wieland

The Clearing Of Landmines In The Peel

German Soldiers From Now On Buried With Dignity

Reburial Of German Soldiers

Feel Good ...

Discussion Group 'The Battle Of The Grebbeberg'

Everything Is Allowed … On Saturday

Search For Truth In Monologue On Stage

Why No Missing Dutchman

Website Of War Victims In Deurne

Man From Deurne Searches For German Soldiers

Oberleutnant Frits Lamm 'Demythologised'