We, Stichting Oorlogslachtoffers, are regularly contacted by participants of WW2 re-enactment groups (these are groups that re-enact or showcase historical events by participants in a historical costume) for additional information about units, as well as detailed information about soldiers who were killed during the Second World War in the Netherlands. The information obtained is mainly used by these re-enactors to be able to imitate such a reality of reality from the Second World War.

In some cases, even the personal details of a fallen soldier are ‘taken over’ to get even closer to the perception of the re-enacter.

In order to represent these historical events, it is often spared no expense to purchase original clothing and utensils, for example, but since these originals are not only difficult to obtain and often very expensive, fortunately, accurate reproductions of these originals are also made. One of our sponsors, Epic Militaria Ltd, a small family business based in Aberystwyth (UK) is the ultimate supplier for these WW2 reproductions.

Their goal is to deliver the best quality WW2 reproductions for the most competitive prices possible, and they always strive to link this to a fast and friendly service. They have a varied customer base, from the special collector and re-enactor to the one-time costume buyer, and they will always do their utmost to help and advise their customers where they can.

As a company they also regularly deliver to the film and theater industry, from small-scale amateur theater ‘Allo’ Allo productions to larger cinematic companies, from modern cult classics Iron Sky and Dead Snow 2 to Hollywood blockbusters including the recent hits Inglorious Basterds and Fury.