Oschatzer General Newspaper, Saturday 15 June 2013


Richard J.C. Schoutissen writes “Save St. Aegidien” and hopes for clues

Oschatz (GL). Dieter Köhncke of the association “Rettet St. Aegidien” got this day post from Holland. He has no relatives in the Netherlands. But it soon turned out, which was the reason for the post. “For my research into German war victims who fell in the Netherlands during the Second World War, I am looking for relatives,” writes Richard J.C. Schoutissen. It concerns descendants of sergeant Horst Quietzsch, place of residence in the Kriemhildstrasse 3 in Leipzig. “He was born on September 2, 1922 in Leipzig. In 1941 he was taken to Oschatz to the Wehrmacht. he died in January 1944 in the Netherlands. “

The Dutchman had come to the homepage of the association “Rettet St. Aegidien”, which also informs about the Turkish family Quietsch and her 14 children. “Perhaps they are related or known to Horst Quietzsch and can help me with my research.” “I have already made many phone calls. But it is difficult to learn about registration offices, because the employees refer to the privacy. But maybe it works with a text in the OAZ “. hopes Dieter Böhnke, if there are still relatives. Köhncke’s father also died in the war. Therefore, there is nothing better for him in this case than that the Dutchman in Oschatz comes a step closer to the truth. That’s why he turns to the public through this newspaper.

Who remembers Horst Quietzsch? Who knows if he has relatives here?