Camp Vught National Memorial, Sunday 24 November 2013

On behalf of Camp Vught National Memorial, I contributed to the realization of the exhibition stand, Barrack 1B – More than a monument, for the Vught memorial.

It is the last authentic barracks of the former concentration camp Herzogenbusch: unique historical heritage and memorial. Barrack 1B is the place par excellence where the Vught memorial site can show the layered history of this historically tainted spot.

The exhibition covers four periods: the concentration camp (1943-1944), refugee camp for German citizens evacuated from the border area (1944-1945) and the internment camp for NSB and whether or not unfairly suspected of collaboration Dutch (1944-1949). Since 1951, part of the camp has been used as a residence ‘lunettes’ for Moluccas and former KNIL soldiers and their families.

Barrack 1B the fate of tens of thousands of people forced to converge in the last 70 years, stories of despair and hope, dreams and ideals. About decisions and coincidence, about traumas and taboos.