Author: Klaus-Peter Wulf
Tannenwirtshaus, Thursday, 09. February 2017

Chairman Hermann Dörfler was pleased with the past year in the general meeting of the soldiers’ consortium Tannenwirtshaus in Gasthaus Schulz.
Some members took part in the drive of the district association Landeswallfahrt in Altötting. In the comparison shooting of the Kreisverband Stadtsteinach the Tannenwirtshauser team had a bad day and had to settle for fifth place.

Exciting historical research

They have gladly organized the memorial service for the Memorial Day. Dörfler thanked Helga and Lothar Siebenlist and Marita Dörfler, who took care of the planting around the memorial.

The comradeship Dörfler was happy to assist in the investigation of Oskar Sauer, who fell in World War II on 29 October 1944 in Liessel in the Netherlands. The Dutchman Richard Schoutissen had asked for information. Oskar Sauer’s name is also on the memorial in Tannenwirtshaus.
Treasurer Lothar Siebenlist displayed orderly finances. Auditor Dieter Schulz certified him an impeccable job.

In the new elections, there were no changes in the leadership team to chairman Hermann Dörfler. Mayor Franz Uome thanked for the work of the comradeship, which is a constant admonisher for peace. Not to be taken for granted is the care and maintenance of the memorial. District Chairman Gottfried Betz spoke of a very active club. The national pilgrimage 2017 takes place on 1 July in Amberg, the use of a bus is planned again. He also invited to the peace pilgrimage to Vierzehnheiligen on 7 May.

“We must continue to be vigilant and support the peacekeeping,”

…district chairman Georg Spindler. kpw