Specsavers is involved with the local community and that’s why Specsavers has always supported charities and broader projects in the vicinity of their stores. Because Specsavers receives a lot of sponsorship requests and wishes to support very different organizations, the Specsavers Support Foundation was founded in 2010. In this way all Specsavers stores save for local charities for a year.

Thanks to the votes of everyone who has a good heart for the War Victims Foundation, we have been appointed as the foundation with the most votes. As a result, Specsavers Deurne saved a year in 2017 and we are very pleased to announce that we have received more than € 1,000.00 from Wouter Maessen from Specsavers Deurne.

We thank you, as well as Specsavers Deurne, for your support and commitment so that we could take part in this promotion!