Burial service of the Dutch army BIDKL (Bergings en Identificatiedienst Koninklijke Landmacht), Thursday 31 October 2013

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Head of the burial service of the Dutch army, adjudant (Aooi) Geert Jonker

Identification specialist, sergeant-majoor instructeur Patric van Aalderen

To my great surprise, as a token of my appreciation for my commitment to the burial service of the Dutch Army, I received a beautiful medal from the hands of identification specialists adjudant (Aooi) Geert Jonker and sergeant-majoor Patric van Aalderen.

I am a researcher and a necrologist in which I fully concentrate on soldiers who fell during World War II. But I focus primarily on German soldiers, Dutch in the German military service and (other) political offenders from the respective era. I am therefore more used to justifying myself in public, instead of receiving praise for my efforts.

Therefore, this kind of appreciation is anything but obvious to me. I’m the adjudant (Aooi) Geert Jonker and sergeant-majoor Patric van Aalderen, as well as sergeant 1 Els Schiltmans, who was unfortunately prevented from working through another job, very grateful for this wonderful token of appreciation.